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Spitzname: AGUIBER SA, Land: Schweiz, Telefon: +41763404250, E-Mail: info (at) aguiber.ch, Sprache: Französisch
Ich biete: AGUIBER SA goal is to be a leader in Corporate Responsibility. They are proud of the progress they have made, the recognition we've received and our commitment to continuous improvement. AGUIBER SA follows the principles of consultation, communication and capacity building as they strive to make a positive difference in the communities where we operate. Through these activities, we're able to continuously learn and improve. AGUIBER SA share these lessons, as well as their successes. AGUIBER.OIL.DIVISION. (SUISSE) SA & EP DIVISION PETROGAZ SA are principally a sale, marketing, business development and a consultancy company for its Oil & Gas principals with the ability to supply a wide range of Oil & Gas products as well as Oil & Gas relevant technologies. Accesses to these supplies are made possible due to the long standing relationship between the principals and our associates and the producers or refineries. CONTACT 96 rte de Chêne – 1224 Chêne-Bougeries E-mail : info@aguiber.cH
Bernard Azoulay @ AGUIBER SA, GENEVA

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Bernard Azoulay @ GENEVA

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