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Land: Schweiz, Sprache: Deutsch
Ich biete: Networking, Enterprise Risk Management, Actuarial Sciences, Pension Funds, High Performing, Low Volatility, Leverage, Life Insurances Policies, Swiss Business Club, Swissnet, Inc., Swiss Business Club Ltd., Incorporation, Trade Promotion, Affluent Consulting, High Net Worth Individuals Adviser, HNWI, UHNWI, Ecademy, Facebook, MySpace, Spocke, Viadeo, XING, TGC-Consultant, Risk Consulting, Doing Business Virtually, Guanxi Game, The Art of Networking, Connections, Relationships, Contacts, Leads, Sales, market Risk, credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Insurance Risk, Operational Risk, Reputational Risk, Strategic Risk, Legal Risk, Regulatory Risk, Competition Risk, Systemic Risk, Hedge, Funds, Bank Assurance, Blogging, Micro Blogging, Twitter, SocialMedian, Plaxo, Orkut, Social Business Networking, BlackStar, Ecademy, XING, Viadeo, Empire Avenue, FriendFeed, Future Power Generation, Advanced Technology Consulting, CGEY, Capgemini, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Yasni, Switzerland, Zurich
Lucas Wyrsch @ TGC-Consultants, Future Power, Zürich

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Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
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Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
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Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
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Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
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Lucas Wyrsch - Lucas Wyrsch
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Lucas Wyrsch - Lucas Wyrsch
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Ukraine’s 15 nuclear reactors pose a special danger in a war situation | swissbusinessclub

Just another site...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
14x 15.09.14  +  

Swiss Business Club – Google+

Join the Swiss Business Club on Google Plus...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
154x 24.01.13  +  

2013 11 24_winter event_lucas_ppt

Business Development Companies Innovation Growth Funds Lucas Wyrsch CAFPS Winter Event 24th Nov 2013...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
83x 25.11.13  +  

Join the Swiss Business Club on LinkedIn

Have a look at the statistics of the Swiss Business Club on LinkedIn!...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
137x 04.02.13  +  

One Sure Thing: Here Comes The Hate For Apple's 'iWatch' - Forbes -

As Apple gets set to launch its wearable "iWatch", get ready for the predictions of its im...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
15x 09.09.14  +  

Big Presentation? Don't Do It. Have A Conversation Instead. - Forbes -

Use your time with other human beings to engage in two-way relationship-building conversations....
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
15x 10.09.14  +  

The Lucas_Wyrsch Daily -

The Lucas_Wyrsch Daily, by Lucas_Wyrsch: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles,...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
16x 13.09.14  +  

9/11 Vs. Snowden: My Students' Surprising Debate About Privacy And Government - Forbes -

Whether it was a normal multi-perspective conversation in a journalism class, I don't know, but the ...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
16x 11.09.14  +  

Killing Twitter: Why Algorithmic Timeline Spells The End Of The Revolution - Forbes -

Word came today that Twitter may be seeking to destroy Twitter. As first reported by GigaOm's Matthe...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
18x 05.09.14  +  

Tweet This: Social Media Important To Company Performance But Difficult To Prove - Forbes -

New results from The CMO Survey point to this disconnect. Social media spending is currently 9.4% of...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
18x 04.09.14  +  

12 Big Data Definitions: What's Yours? - Forbes -

12 definitions of Big Data...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
18x 03.09.14  +  

To Be A Boss, You Must Think Like A Boss - Forbes -

A lot of people like to be the boss, to have their own business. But very few make it. The rest beco...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
19x 30.08.14  +  

Samsung Uses Ice Bucket Challenge To Troll Apple, HTC, Nokia - Forbes -

The popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge has given rise to something of a backlash, as well as a b...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
19x 29.08.14  +  

The Virgin Way - Insights Into Richard Branson's Leadership - Forbes -

While Richard Branson’s new book, “The Virgin Way” is “about listening, learning, laughing and leadi...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
19x 28.08.14  +  

Forget Laptops, Smartphones And Tablets, They're Now Called 'Endpoints' - Forbes -

We are trying to control device and data usage at the enterprise level, but the very nature of devic...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
19x 27.08.14  +  

Which Is More Scalable, Nuclear Energy Or Wind Energy? - Forbes -

Which is more scalable, nuclear energy or wind energy? This question was originally answered on Quor...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
20x 26.08.14  +  

Four Out Of Five Small Businesses Soon Will Be Run On Cloud - Forbes -

A while back, I had the opportunity to chat with Will Gregerson, controller for Schaeffer Manufactur...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
21x 15.08.14  +  

Five Common Myths About Depression - Forbes -

With the tragic loss of Robin Williams to apparent suicide, a worldwide discussion about the effects...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
21x 12.08.14  +  

'Pay-To-Go-Away' From State And Local Pensions - Forbes -

You’ve heard of “pay-to-play,” sometimes called pay-for-play, which is a phrase used for a variety o...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
22x 24.08.14  +  

Are Physical Meetings Becoming Outdated? Saving $10,000 Could Cost You $1M - Forbes -

Are we trying to make savings by not travelling that in the end cost of more? Trust is at the the lo...
Lucas Wyrsch @ Zürich
23x 21.08.14  +  

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