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Renato G. F. Naso, 71, Innovator @ Innovashare.ch, Basel

Geburtsname: Renato G.F. Naso, Land: Schweiz, Telefon: +41 61 263 95 09, Handy: +41 79 435 29 45, Messenger: Skype: MashiachTheReal1, E-Mail: renato.naso (at) bluewin.ch, Sprache: Englisch
Ich biete: (No models or prototypes of the followings have yet been made) New kind of (very) long bridges which are safe in case of hurricanes and major earthquakes / large eolian generators of new design (for strong winds with changing directions) / two dispositives which increase cars' safety / two dispositives which increase the safety of racing bicycles / more. Since the 70s do (covertly & non) fascistic elements try 2 ruin my reputation! 1st telling me I must say I'm the sole inventor of a camera (analogue, now obsolete) although I only wanted 2 render official what the military wanted 2 keep secret, saying that "my*" camera could B different, although, from the description given in a mag., it's the only way that 1 could work! 2nd interfering in my phone calls switching me off 4 giving 2 the other party signals in the intercontinental secret nonverbal communication, 2 make him think they were from me, although I said I don't know that kind of language! 3rd (in CH) excluding me from a club 4
Renato G. F. Naso @ Innovashare.ch, Basel

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Renato G. F. Naso @ Basel
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Pic from either end 2005 or begin of 2006

(In my previous apartment) Newer ones are in my other PC....
Renato G. F. Naso @ Basel
yasni 29.01.13  +  

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Renato G. F. Naso @ Basel

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